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Structure of GC «Opticenergo»

The philosophy of   Opticenergo  Group of Companies  is the following:

  • Innovation. The main aim of Opticenergo Group activity is the manufacture of up-to-date products which are unique in Russia. All the factories are equipped with the most modern manufacturing machines and their products are corresponded to high customers  requirements and are determined these requirements on the market.
  • Self-sufficiency. One more development priority of Opticenergo Group is the production of their own materials and component parts for the manufacturing of  high technical cable  products.
  • Warranty. The companies involved in Opticenergo are focused on long-term cooperation with the product and service customers and with the equipment and materials suppliers as well. Trust and honesty in relationship of both parties lead to  long-standing  and mutually beneficial  partnership.
  • Diversification. Opticenergo Group of Companies always aims at product differentiation. That concerns as product variety of  every company as the production in whole.  

Companies of  Opticenergo  Group

Saranskkabel-Optika, Ltd produces all types of fiber-optic cables applied for  main and areal telecommunication networks. This company also makes  optic cable incorporated in  ground wire (OPGW) which is unique in Russia.

EM-CABEL,  Ltd  produces traditional power cables and wires, cables used in very dangerous environments (in nuclear power stations, oil refineries, oil and gas mining), fire-resistant, flame-retardant, halogen free, with low smoke and gas emission cables and also high voltage wires of increased reliability.

EM-KAT, Ltd. The main direction of its activity is the aluminum alloys wire rod production. The  products made of heat-resistant aluminum alloys have  a number of  unique properties which considerably improve the quality of next  products.

EM-PLAST, Ltd produces film packing of ecologically safe polyolefin and  shrink film for food packing.

SARMAT, Ltd is Russia-Spain joint-venture, another company of  Opticenergo Group. SARMAT produces spiral fittings for  high-voltage wires and optic cable incorporated in ground wires.

Test laboratory Opticenergo is an accredited laboratory formed for tests of fiber-optic cables, power cables and wires to meet State standards for certification purposes.

EM-PRINT, Ltd is an advertisement polygraphic company  with the most up-to-date technologies.

Coffee-Bar Procoffee offers wide variety of coffee and dishes of European kitchen.

Avtotrans-Saransk, Ltd specializes in  traffic operations and logistic outsourcing.

NOVOMED, Ltd is a multifield modern medical center providing diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis.

MedEstetKlinik, Ltd is the center of aesthetic medicine. Clinic specializes in beauty and cosmetology using the most modern equipment of Europe and America.

The products of Opticenergo Group  are delivered to all parts of  Russian Federation. Such property of products as  uniqueness  in Russia allows considerably to lower price in comparison  with similar import products without  sacrificing the quality. That is why cable and wire products of Mordovia are very popular in  the CIS countries  (Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Usbekistan,  Tadjikistan,  Turkmenia, Kyrgystan).

Among our customers are FGC UES JSC, IDGC JSC, Rostelecom JSC,  Svyazinvest JSC, Bashinformsvyaz JSC, VimpelCom Ltd, Mobile telecommunications companies.
All companies of  Opticenergo Group   are equipped  with the most modern machines of leading world manufactures  such as Queins, NEXANS, Mario Frigerio, Cortinovis Machinery SPA, TECNO COATING ENGINEERING, Eurodraw, Proton and Threesixty Parkegate Technology Ltd, NEXTROM, Maillefer, BARTELL MACHINERY SYSTEMS LLC.

The history of Opticenergo Group of Companies is less than 15 years, but despite this fact Opticenergo Group  is already ten successful and modern companies,
known in the market and having big prospects.