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SIP-3/O – self-supporting insulated wire with integrated fiber-optic cable.


SIP-3/O is designed for transmission and distribution of electric energy in the air, power and lighting networks on 10 kV - 35 kV and for communications via optical cable.


  1. Central strength member – fiberglass reinforced plastic rod
  2. Optical fiber
  3. SZ stranded loose tubes filled with hydrophobic gel
  4. Web
  5. Protective jacket
  6. Conductive core
  7. * longitudinal watertightness of the optical cable is provided by a hydrophobic gel


  • Simultaneous transmission of electricity and high-quality communication.
  • The ability to stub the electrical part without damaging the optic.
  • Using the standard of helical dead-end set and helical suspension set.
  • Reducing installation and maintenance costs.


Cable is made in the form of "8" and consists of current-carrying conductor and optical core. The current-carrying conductor is made of wires aluminum alloy and sealed.

Central strength member is made of fiber reinforced plastic rod (FRP). Polymers tubes are SZ-stranded around central strength member. Cable contains 2-144 optical fibers for information transmission.

The outer jacket is made of UV stable polyethylene which is formed around current-carrying conductor and optical core with connecting part.


Nominal cross-section area of
current-carrying conductor, mm2
Number of wires in conductorTensile strength, not less that (kN)
35 7 10,3
50 7 14,2
70 7 20,6
95 19 27,9
120 19 35,2
150 19 43,4

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