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OKNN cable

Fiber-optic cable OKNN for winding on the phase conductors.


Cable OKNN is made for winding on the existing ground wire overhead lines of 110 kV and above; for winding wire on phase conductor - at 35-110 kV overhead lines. Winding is carried out using a special winder machines.


  1. Optical fiber
  2. PBT loose tube filled with hydrophobic gel
  3. Strength element – FRP rod
  4. Protective jacket


Cable consists of optical polymer natural color tube. Cable contains 2-24 optical fibers. The tube is filled with hydrophobic gel. The outer jacket is made of track resistant high density polyethylene. Cable jacket includes additional strength components as a fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) rod.


Number of fibers2-24
Cable size, mm 3,4х5,2
Total mass of cable, kg/km not more than 17,5
Tensile strength, kN 0,3

Operational requirements:

Temperature range of operation -60°С… +70°С
Temperature range of installation -30°С…+50°С
Transport, storage -50°С…+50°С
Minimal bending radius not less that 10 diameters

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