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OKVng(D)-PD cable

Fiber-optic cable OKVng(D)-PD for indoor application (buildings, between floors, in shafts, corridors).


Cable is designed for use in cable networks for short distances.

  1. Tight-buffered optical fiber
  2. Aramid yarns
  3. Protective jacket


Cable for indoor installation contains tight-buffered optical fibers ( up to 24 optical fibers, dia. 900 mkm) and high modulus aramid yarn layer. High modulus aramid yarn layer is is formed on tight-buffered optical fiber. The outer jacket is made of flame retardant material, low smoke. The construction is totally dry.


Number of fibers2-40
Nominal overall diameter, mm 5,3-13,7
Total mass, kg/ km 23,2-158,1


Temperature range of operation, °С -60… +70
Temperature range of installation, °С up to -10
Transport, storage, °С -30… +50
Minimal bending radius not less than 10 diameters
Lifetime not less than 15 years
Guarantee exploitation 2 years after putting in operation, not more than 2.5 years from shipping date
Tensile strength not less than 0,5 kN
Crush strength not less than 0,5 kN/100 mm

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