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OKTs cable

Fiber-optic cable OKT-S 8-shaped cable for suspension on overhead power lines.


OKTs cable is designed for suspension on overhead power lines, urban lighting pillars, between buildings.


  1. Optical fiber
  2. Stainless steel loose tube filled with hydrophobic gel
  3. Protective jacket
  4. Steel wire


Suspension strand is made of stranded galvanized steel wires. It is put longitudinally to the cable core - stainless steel central tube. Optical fibers are placed inside the tube. Interstice inside central tube filled with hydrophobic filler. Cable core and suspension strand are formed at once longitudinally with high density polyethylene jackets. Cable core jacket and suspension strand jacket are connected along. In case the number of fibers exceeds 12 ring marking is used. and/or bundling with identification yarns.

On customer’s request cable design can have following options:

  1. Change of the standard color of polymer module and fibers.


Number of fibers2-3638-48
Nominal overall diameter, mm 13,3x6,2 13,7x6,6
Total mass of cable with polyethylene jacket, kg/km 128 140

Operational requirements:

Temperature range of operation, С° -60… +70
Temperature range of installation, С° -10… +50
Transport, storage, С° -60… +70
Minimal bending radius not less than 10 diameters
Lifetime 25 years
Guarantee exploitation 2 years after putting in operation, not more than 2,5 years from shipping date
Tensile strength not less than 3,5 kN
Crush strength not less than 8 kN/100 mm

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