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OKB cable

Fiber-optic cable OKB for direct burial installation armoured by galvanized steel wires.


OKB cable is designed for installation into grounds of 1-5 groups (depends on cable construction), cable ducts, tunnels in case of high requirements of crush strength. OKB from flame retardant materials is designed for installation according to exclusive standards of fire safety.

  1. Central strength member – fiberglass reinforced plastic rod
  2. Optical fiber
  3. SZ stranded loose tubes filled with hydrophobic gel
  4. Inner jacket
  5. Zink-coated steel wire armor
  6. Protective jacket
  7. * longitudinal watertightness of the cable is provided by a hydrophobic gel


Loose tube cable. Central strength member is made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).Polymer tubes and plastic fillers are SZ-stranded around central strength member. Optical fibers are placed inside polymer tubes. Interstice inside and between tubes is filled with hydrophobic filler. Cable core is wrapped by yarns. PET-tape is imposed on the cable core. An armour from galvanized steel wires is formed around single jacketed cable with an additional jacket of high density polyethylene extruded over the armour. Interstice between inner jacket and armour is filled with hydrophobic filler. In case of exclusive standards of fire safety, cable jacket is made of flame retardant halogen free (HF) compound.

On customer’s request cable design can have following options:

  1. Production of «dry» construction (water blocking yarns instead of hydrophobic filler).
  2. Selection of flame retardant material of outer jacket (halogen-free HF compound or self-extinguishing PE).
  3. Change of the standard color of polymer modules and fibers.
  4. Number of fibers up to 288.
  5. Double lay of armoring (30-80kN).


Number of fibers2-3234-4850-8082-9698-144
Number of polymer tubes 4 6 5 6 6
Number of optical fibers in a tube up to 8 up to 8 up to 16 up to 16 up to 24
Nominal overall diameter, mm 11,8 13,0 13,7 14,7 17,3
Total mass of cable with polyethylene jacket, kg/km 217 259 283 323 427
Total mass of cable with flame retardant (HF) jacket, kg/km 250 297 322 366 479


Temperature range of operation, С° -60… +70
Temperature range of installation, С° -10… +50
Transport, storage, С° -50… +50
Minimal bending radius not less than 20 diameters
Lifetime 25 years
Guarantee exploitation 2 years after putting in operation, not more than 2,5 years from shipping date.
Tensile strength not less than 3 kN
Crush strength not less than 4 kN/100 mm

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