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Microcable OKPA-P

Fiber-optic cables OKPA-P(S) for suspension on overhead power lines.


Fiber-optic cables are designed for suspension on overhead power lines, urban lighting pillars, between buildings.

  1. Optical fiber
  2. Strength element – steel wire/fiberglass rod
  3. FRP rod
  4. Protective jacket


Cable contains 1-2 optical fibers. Optical fibers is located longitudinally between two parallel peripheral strength members of FRP rods (steel wires). Cable jacket includes suspension strand made of FRP rod (OKPA-P) or steel wires (OKPA-S). Strength members and suspension strand are located parallel. The outer jacket is made of HFFR compound or HDPE materials.


Number of fibers1-41-4
Cable type OKPA-P(S)/P OKPA-P(S)/S
Cable size, mm 5,2x2,0 5,5x2,0
Total mass of cable with polyethylene jacket, kg/km 16,0 22,0
Temperature range of operation, °С
-60… +70
Temperature range of installation, °С
not less than -10
Minimal bending radius, mm
not less than 10 diameters
Tensile strength
from 0,05 kN
Crush strength
from 0,5 kN/100 mm
Outer sheath type
HFLS compound

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